How to claim a bounty


Step 1: Submit information about the hacker

Submit the information you have on the hacker, along with a bitcoin address to Proof of Existence

Step 2: Submit Evidence

Submit all of your evidence to the proper law enforcement agency. (Do not submit this information to us)

Step 3: Conviction

Wait for law enforcement to make an arrest that leads to a conviction in the case.

Step 4: Contact us

Contact us with the original document submitted to Proof of Existence, proving you provided the correct information to law enforcement.

Step 5: Pay out

We will pay the bounty to the appropriate Bitcoin address.

Step 6: Donation

If law enforcement makes the arrest on their own, and no one claims the bounty, we will either donate the bticoin to charity, distribute them proportionally to the other bounties, or possibly donate them to the arresting law enforcement agency.

In the case of a dispute, in which multiple parties are trying to claim the same bounty, we will use to settle the issue.