C-Cex.com Thieves


Bounty for full and proven identity of C-Cex.com Thieves

Bounty Expires: March 1, 2017


My name is Max, I am an early adopter of Bitcoin and other cryptos. In june of 2014 I put over $5000 of my savings in buying Darkcoin #DRK (now known as Dash or Dashcoin via the shadowy Bitcoin exchange C-CEX.com. On june 14th 2014, 358 DRKs (at the time worth $5,368.99) disappeared from my account. While the C-CEX.com team acknowledged the misappropriation of my funds (a practice known as "goxing" in the crypto world) and agreed to refund 50 DRK, 308 remain missing. Since this incident C-CEX.com has closed my account and banned my IP address as they have done to many others who have spoken out.

For this reason I am offering 1.5 bitcoins for the identities of the people behind C-CEX.com, once this information gathered I will contact other C-CEX.com victims and together we will take adequate legal action.


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